Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TOC: MORE Than a 'Ripple About Reading !

Most recently there has much talk in contemporary America about 'change' but how much do you know or have heard of Tools of Change (TOC) --which to be most concise is about, how you/I will  read as we talk 21st century and beyond. Yep!  Its about how we evolve.

O'Reilly's TOC Conference came to New York City this week two thousand strong and its more than a ripple about reading.

Talk of change, and Tools of Change are here with us. The mantra, grab and embrace. That is the message from publishers who are encouraging you through different models of digital publishing to embrace their brand --getting the best choices: in E-book supply chain and much  beyond what Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble can or will ever deliver. Believable? If you think digital and all that it  makes possible, a resounding yes -- in time is the answer.

Consider for instance, this week, The Wall Street Journal reports that  Sesame Plans  E-Books for children.  And what will that cover? A line of books for children 2-to 6 years old. 

Reportedly, the non-profit organization know for its flagship preschool television series "Sesame Street," is planning to post five e-books at sesamestreet.org/ebooks where parents will not only have a  chance to read these works digitally but also download them. Favorite titles to be included:  "Elmo's ABC Book, Jon Stone's "The Monster at the the End of This Book," which was first published in 1971. Do date it remains a best-seller for Sesame Street.  This will be offered in a digital edition, and optional-- audio-narration and word high-lightening features.

  • Also featured at this week's TOC conference, MIRASOL displays. Considered the future of e-Readers they are available in:  beautiful colors, fast paced videos  and visibility in direct sunlight, among other things. They offer: 
  • Power Savings--which in comparison to existing display technologies are significant.
  • Extended Usage Time--reduces energy consumption of display modules, thereby increasing the usage time between battery charges and usage time.
  • Outdoor Viewable--Mirasol displays are usually bright and clear most often reflective in bright sunlight and most important as we talk and consider 'Green" lower CO2 emissions, as it reduces the number of battery recharge cycles, thereby extending battery life.
Tools of Change Conference extends through February 22-24 at the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel. If you think innovation.. must learn more at  their website.  There one can learn more about content, digital services and more.  Given we are all on the learning curve... check it out.   Exhibitors such as: Mirasol, Malloy, Copia (pBooks or eBooks) and iPublishCentral are among many prepared to show what they offer.  Get ready to learn more about this level of technology... it's about How WE Read.

 O'Reilly media spreads knowledge and innovation through conferences, books  and other online services.

So take the next stepsThink innovation!  And embrace Digital publishing.

 Share your thoughts as we think 'evolution' Chime In!!


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Anonymous said...

It is rather exciting about the future, and how kids soon will be exposed to TOC (Tools of Change) and subsequently will have E books almost like their companions.I can't imagine the excitement that this will garner from them.I have no small children, however,I can envision the excitement that will be in the libraries and even in the homes of those who will be able to afford technology at its best.These are indeed exciting times, hence no one has any excuses to lag behind.Best of luck to those whose parents will, seize the future today and not wait.As this saying goes the key to tomorrow is what we do today.I am not a kid but I feel excited. Kudos to all those responsible for all these new innovations. I believe it will on the overall cause the children to become more excited about learning, and we sure need that.