Sunday, May 22, 2011

GOP looks at a dry well for 2012 -- Mitch Daniels Out, too !!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Progressives Throwing Tantrums: Obama Seen as Sellot..!

For some the job is never easy. Politics has always been my past time and would acknowledge that I have not heard it all when we talk Presidents ( Democrat or Republican) being beaten the way Obama is in the first two years of his presidency.

That said, when you seek the support of certain groups--be prepared to be thrown under bus when the going gets tough. There was a time when Obama was labelled by the right as the most liberal person in the Senate. Today he stands accused of being a Republican pretending to be a Democrat.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fashion Week Moves to Paris-- What Else is New...?

There was a time when I thought of nothing in my spare time than seeing myself as well dressed clothes-horse, fashionista-- and of course equally embracing my passion-- politics.   They were my companion pieces as one thinks: bread and butter,  Jekyll and Hyde  or  Bonnie and Clyde.  But no more.  Then,  thinking fashion... was splendid!  It left one awfully excited to think curves, boobs  and looking good. But not this time around.  As the dollars go... not surprsing so does the level of excitement. Just too bad you say. Really?

Efforts of so many to strutt their stuff in style.. given the current recession gets more difficult by the minute.  But my

 interests and that of so many for razzle-dazzle  quietly withers on the vine.

Yes, Fashion Week came to New York.. and now moves to Paris; and for the First time I thought even Fashion Night was  too much. Why? Not possible to fully embrace it.  Its flavor, or  what  it means for the persona.  There just isn't enough  $$green to make the engagement of dressing to kill meaningful.   Create a difference for the  mind and circumstances.  The dollars for splurge is not there. Gone!

Kept thinking when will the thrill of ordinary living 'survival' returns?  'Walking a mile in my shoe'' this shoe 

should be a refrain.  Repeatitive!   But it's not.  Absolutely frightening  when money is tight. Reality in harsh financial times breeds the bleak--- overcast of a sordid reality.

Things are  bad-- bizzare-- financially so  that one feels lucky to settle for so much less and with gratitude.

 Must admit I missed it all-- the designers and all that goes with the visual effects of thinking and feeling pretty. Spruced up if only in the imagination. Fashion and what it means to those who love  to take in the best of what  a designer offers tried to find ways to suck it up-- but it was difficult.--iIrrespective of where it was--  whether it was in New York City,  Paris or London.  Just think possibilities had no measning. 'Cause with a recession where  lack and need are  constant companions-- turning off the light is easy. Thinking  walk a mile in this shoe-- a constant reminder of  an awfully terribe option.  Boredom, jaded..  un- interesting and more.  Commonplace. But one must continue to try-- living  the dream. 

How bland a world it would be-- without fashion and the  fashionable.. among us? Whether or not its in Paris of Paraguay, London or Lancashire.

Fashion Week Moves on--  so what else is new?   Life at the bottom of pit. And that too, is  Unacceptable!!  So

 no need for guessing games. You --I,  know the answers!! We must get the economy moving again. And fast!

Kit Constantine

Monday, September 13, 2010

Oprah: To Visit "Downs" of Australia...!?

The Queen of talk, Oprah Winfrey, created  much Oohs, Ahhs,  today on the first day of  her show's new season--when she announced plans for an upcoming trip to Australia.

Yep,  she plans to get a close -up on that country down there. Australia!

Queen of Talk-- Oprah Winfrey

Exclamations of : Oh! Boy!  were evident in my circle and beyond when she said that on  the last season on ABC-TV network,  she will  take an entire audience on a trip to  be remembered.  Wow!  That's for real you ask? Yes, indeed!  Oprah always delivers on her promises.

 Questions: Is she hoping to rake in some coal from Newcastle...visit a wheat farm on the "Downs" or watch a Kola Bear make a fast trip up a tree?  No! Apparently not! But she hopes  to do that and more-- As she elaborates in this article in Popeater. When Oprah gives-- the gifts are breathtakingly, awesome. What a way to end-- and start a new beginning with OWN (Oprah Winfredy Network.)?

Yep, it will be all hands on deck as Oprah and company heads for Australia. There the Diva  hopes to also develop /stregthen ties with a very loyal group of fans. Of course, its great news for those already aware  they will be a part of that  'treat'  but an awful disappoinment for those of us -- left out.

But as they say  'that's the way the cookie crumbles.'   Doesn't look so for those  of us outside the doors of Harpo Studios.  Nevertheless, we wish the group-- Oprah and  her vacationers a great trip.  Just wish I could be there.

Not to mention, wth all the talk of:  politics, tax cuts and mid-term elections, thinking Australia at this time-- allows one a great escape..  !!  From the not so positive tunnel of politics. If even, temporarily.  Such news-- provides a great escape to 'another' world --to be compared to a waterfall on  treats-- exotic gifts, and excitement  from a billionaire who does everything in style. The Oprah Effect lives on.
Continues!!  Blessed are the 'lucky' to be a part of all this.

Neverthess, to Oprah and company-- Kudos!  Enjoy!!


Monday, August 30, 2010

Michael Jackson: The Memories Live On!

The King of Pop is gone.. but will never, ever  be forgotten. Michael Jackson had he lived would have celebrated his fifty (52nd) birthday on August 29.    And yes, his momories Live on and ON. Not only in his music but in:  Prince, Paris, Blanket and  even in Joe Jackson, among so many others  He has left behind a  legacy -- a vast painting with strokes never to be modelled, re-shaped, changed by anyone. They go beyond the sounds, Play his records/CD wrap yourself  in the mood, to dance, shout. Embrace the ambiance of room in which you sit.  Then give thanks for the gifts in music left behind.

I can  still see the images-- the moon walk and the beyond.   Yep, his memories live on. So just don't let the music stop.

Although he's absent in space and time he remains with us. Lord Byron an  English Poet said "Those whom the Gods love die young".  How true? Fifty is now forty.  His music made him even younger. Michael was loved beyond what his detractors imagined. May his music never, ever stop.

To my followers --irrespective of how few/many I apologize for not sharing my thoughts as often as I usually do. Unable to get into the 'belly'  of my blog.  Signing in a problem. Blogger is there a bug--out there?
Hopefully in time I can return with regular updates. But for now, we celebrate Michael.  A picture/video is promised when downloading one will not take a day.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Joe and Catherine Jackson: Divorce after 60 years....?

Wealth and money could possibly " do-in"  a traditional black family.. who 'jumped' the broom when marriage was taken seriously is the talk of the town.

Yes in the BUZZ  the Jacksons as in Joe and Catherine are getting a divorce.  Trampling the 'broom'  Shattering it to splinters for good. Laughing their way to bank as they go?  Is this all about Michael? But does that really matter?

Times change and money becomes more  the center of, fame, and all else. The Jacksons have had their share. Now adding to that rumors are flying that the parents of Michael-- and the rest of brood of seven are heading to splittsville. After jumping the broom '60' years ago, it would appear... if the rumors are true they are calling it quits. 

I thought for one that after sixty years-- neither is discovering--  discovering  something 'new' about the other. Catherine knew what she had when times were tough and the Joe worked two or three jobs to keep that family going. Not to mention coming home and giving music lessons which resulted in the group The Jackson Five and of course-- the most talented of them all,  the late Michael Jackson, King of Pop.

Aren't  they Jehovah's Witnesses?  Divorce for them --a no, no ? Joe is said to be arrogant, cruel to his children, was reponsible for Michael's death... but is this all about money? It would appear so. And if that is what is behind this new family drama;  shame  on both.. There will be no kudos from this corner.

Sixy years of family traditions, pain, joy,  laughter and suffering..  will not get better at this stage of the game Joe? The same is true  Catherine! Hopefully, they will think again, and keep that family circle together.  Why add 'divorced parents'  to the legacy of the Jackson family?  Such a divorce will not bring Michael back?

Joe and Catherine don't fall for the bait---  or the cool aid. Seldom when one talks relationship after 60 years does the grass gets  greener on the other side..unless is at a mount on the hill.

Reject the status quo.. embrace family and traditions. What say you?